Controlling the Task for Repeatable Results

Beast Code controls work by assigning a functional lead to each major sub-section of a project or task. This lead is the subject matter expert responsible for developing an Integrated Master Schedule, by allocating requirements and due dates to each task. Throughout the project’s lifecycle, the lead is responsible for evaluating the project’s progress to ensure compliance with task order requirements. During these evaluations, the functional lead works closely with the Program Manager to provide updates to the Integrated Master Schedule and guarantee an on-time delivery. Additionally, these reviews serve as periodic peer reviews to provide feedback and insight to all involved members. Beast Code uses automated tools to evaluate deliverables in an intermediary location, prior to their final release.

Beast Code focuses on producing repeatable results to deliver superior capabilities that meet customer needs in a timely and cost effective manner.  Although Beast Code has repeatable processes, the techniques employed are evaluated and tailored for each project and/or task prior to implementation. This agile paradigm is critical to maintaining efficiency in an environment where each program is equipped with unique requirements. Although our processes may vary across different projects, they are comprised of a standard set of lifecycle practices such as architecture development and regression testing. This allows Beast Code to execute unique processes, built from a common framework, to achieve the desired results.

Dynamic process evaluation allows Beast Code to follow a standard framework of processes to ensure repeatable results without being slowed down by a process developed for a larger or unrelated program. Removing these unnecessary barriers allows the organization to consistently deliver in a timely and cost efficient manner. The manner in which Beast Code controls work and ensures consistent results is further highlighted under the monitor and maximize quality section of this proposal.

Monitor and Maximize Quality

Beast Code offers demonstrated success in managing and executing critical programs of varying size, scope, and complexity and is highly qualified to support all proposed mission areas required by its customers. We continue to combine the right people, practices, and tools at the right time to provide unparalleled service delivery to our customer’s program management, operations, training, and support activities. Beast Code bases its engineering, business, and service processes on multiple standards-based models. Although Beast Code is a new company, we modeled our program management framework using Project Management Institute standards combined with business and engineering processes from the CMMI model. Beast Code also ensures its internal processes are of the highest standard and are striving to align with and certify to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:2015) model. Integration of these industry standards demonstrates our ability to consistently deliver superior service and support. Our approach focuses on efficiently managing program scope, schedule, cost, quality, configuration management, and risk management through a combination of repeatable processes, industry-standard tools, and a highly trained and experienced technical workforce.

Beast Code’s standards and internal processes control the tasking of all employees to ensure their actions directly support program objectives on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The organization also uses these standards and internal processes to define performance work levels, so that each employee understands the quality and quantity of work expected of them. Because Beast Code management follows rigorous program management processes and procedures, our employees perform independently and without the need for direct supervision of the Government.

An example of a quality monitoring tool used by Beast Code’s robust quality assurance program is independent verification and validation (IV&V) tests.  IV&V ensures the contract-stated specifications are met, and when combined, address the user’s needs. A current software application developed by Beast Code has over 150 IV&V tests to ensure the highest degree of data integrity during all phases of development and product roll out.

Approach to Problem Solving

Knowing that not all problems are created equal, Beast Code uses a flexible systems approach to problem solving based on urgency, customer requirements and root cause elimination. Key tenets in this approach include:

▪   Define the problem or opportunity

▪   Develop and evaluate alternative system solutions

▪   Design the selected system solution

▪   Implement the selected solution

▪   Evaluate the success and make additional changes to the system as needed

The customer’s success is our primary mission and our flexible systems approach allows Beast Code to implement temporary solutions to contain the problem prior to permanent resolution. We emphasize continuous reevaluation of

any implemented system to ensure the root cause has been eliminated and make additional changes as required.



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