Lightweight Learning Management System

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Beast Code has created the Lightweight Learning Management System (L2MS) to provide network based administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses and training programs. The system is capable of capturing client usage and student training metrics. The generic architecture of L2MS means that it can be used to distribute any software or script. L2MS is a multi-facet tool used to manage and launch Beasts Code products, manage user and device information, and to collect and visualize metric information to improve product and user experiences.

  CORE FUNCTIONALITIES                                            

Software Distribution : Provides the ability to synchronize specific software configurations to different devices, making it seamless for different organizations to manage software, security, and Window updates.


Metric Visualization : Works together with Beast Code software to collect, analyze, and visualize metric data on users and students taking interactive courses. This includes, but is not limited to: total play time, averages on answered questions, the status of course completions, and login times.


Device Management : Provides tools to manage device inventory and creates high level reports on the updates each device has, as well as who it is assigned to.


User Management : Provides tools to manage users registration and assignment of courses. This includes assigning billets and prerequisites and tracking user progress with detailed metrics.



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