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Beast Code has developed ITMSS, an interactive tablet-based simulation of the DDG 1000 (based on 3D representations of the ship’s systems and spaces). This simulation includes models of the power and network cable runs, emulates the interfaces and responses of the ship’s Engineering Control System (ECS), and determines the availability of support services throughout the ship. The simulation is currently being used by the DDG 1000 class to familiarize the crew with the ship’s HM&E systems, deploy formal courseware, and maintain a repository of technical documentation (TMs, EOSS, Ship Instructions).

  HIGH-LEVEL CAPABILITIES                                          

• Interactive first-person walk-through of the ship.

• Interactive 3D representations of all ship systems and spaces.

• Cascading effects of alignments and operating conditions throughout the ship.

• Identification of mission readiness based on ship, system and equipment states.

• Engineering casualty drills, damage control drills, and exercises.

• Individual and team-based training capabilities.

• Drill playback capability.

• Realistic and complex battle damage scenarios.

• Integrated tech manual viewer (TMs, EOSS, Ship Drawings, Ship Instructions, etc.)

• Replication of software autonomic responses (equipment states and cascading effects).

• Interactive ECS screen depiction for real-time scenario events.

• Interactive local controller interfaces.

• Fire initiation, spread and effectiveness of firefighting.

• Flooding initiation (hull and pipe rupture), spread and effects of dewatering.

• Ability to build and execute level 3 interactive multimedia instruction (IMI).

• Integrated learning management system to track student training metrics.

  CURRENTLY INSTALLED AT:                                        

• San Diego, CA – Zumwalt Training Facility (ZTF)

• San Diego, CA – DDG 1000 Onboard Trainer

• Newport, RI – Surface Warfare Officer School

• Bath, ME - Precommissioning Unit (PCU)

• San Diego, CA – DDG 1001 Onboard Trainer



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